Logistics & Storage

At World17 Trade Center, we collaborate with our solution partners for our warehouses and logistics services in Canada and the USA. We offer you the most suitable options that best suit your company's needs. Our team follows up your product from Turkey or any other country in the world to Canada and America by sea, air, and land routes from your warehouse until it reaches your customer, and we make the process faster and easier.

Customs Clearance Services

With our solution partners in Canada, the USA, and Turkey, we ensure that customs procedures in the target country and Turkey proceed much more smoothly.

E-Commerce continues to be a rising trend in Canada and USA with its growing trade network. Therefore, we will always be your solution partner to help you market your products globally via With our warehouses in Canada and our logistics solution partners, we provide a fast and effective service with competitive prices in the Americas.


Adworld and Code17 companies, one of the World17 Group companies, produce high-quality solutions for your virtual advertisements, graphic design, labeling, website, and all other advertising works you need.

United Office

The combined office service model, also known as the "cluster model", is used in developed countries to reduce the cost burden associated with establishing a company abroad. With World17 Trade Center, you can establish a liaison office and hire human resources in Canada, the United States, London, and Singapore for very affordable prices.

B2B Solutions

Target Market Research

The thought of entering a completely unfamiliar market brings with it many questions and obstacles. Our team will create a market research report that will answer many questions regarding your product or service, the number of potential customers abroad, the supply chain, the conditions for entry into the market, risks analysis, marketing strategy, and necessary legal procedures in the target country, in order to provide you with detailed insight into the market.

IT Solutions

Our IT team in our offices in Canada and Turkey will provide support and service on a variety of issues related to your company's website, mobile applications, and online payment system.

Human Resources

The most critical step after the establishment of your liaison office abroad is to find the personnel to work there. This situation includes very high costs for companies. We at World17 Trade Center


One of the greatest shortfalls of Turkish companies on an international scale is their inability to create brand value by marketing their products at their real value. Having worked with many strong brands over the past seven years, World17 Group has ensured the creation and maintenance of the brand value of Turkish brands in the global market. The experience gained from this has enabled us to continue marketing Turkish brands at the value they deserve in the international trades we make by focusing on a strategy of "branding in export".