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Atiye Laçin

From the soil to the health, the birth of the unique taste Atiye LAÇİN, the entrepreneur, started the production of an extraordinary dessert of Mevlevi Houses, the Mevlevi Dessert, under the registered trademark of “ATİYE LAÇİN” in year 2004.

Its special recipe, the freshness of its natural constituents, the secret of the spices and herbs used, and the traditional preparation method constitute the secret of Mevlevi Dessert. It is a trademark accelerating in production through producing the products free of oil, flour, sugar, and gluten.

Laçin Desserts continues its successes and sets its objective as offering historic desserts to you with different tastes. It released the jams of forest fruits, namely guvem, mardafıl, and rosehip, which have been produced with molasses in her grandmother’s kitchen 85 years ago. Besides them, they also produce pumpkin, orange-carrot, quince jams, and the jams of other seasonal fruits.

LAÇİN DESSERTS produces healthy products free of starch-based sugar, additive, preservative, food coloring, gluten, and GMO. Moreover, by improving the ancient tastes with R&D works and enhancing the product range, it aims to create awareness. With the principle of protecting, vitalizing, sharing and sustaining, it continues constructing bridges and developing new products.