Jakeman’s Maple Syrup

Jakeman’s Maple Syrup

The Jakeman Family has been producing our award-winning blend of 100% pure Maple Syrup since 1876. We work closely with farms and rural communities all over Ontario to bring you the freshest, purest, Maple Syrup we can offer. Our hope is that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it!


Our company in 1976, Kayseri / furniture production in Turkey began with the Kilim brand and its presence in target markets with our country abroad experience is captured and entered into the model in a planned manner enforcement efforts.

“One KILIM is enough”The belief that there is a special KILIM for every moment at home with the motto;

* SOFT GROUP (Living Room, Sofa Set, Hall Set, Corner Set, Couch, Bergere),
* UYKU GROUP (Bed, Base, Hood, Home textiles),
* PANEL GORUP (Bed Room, Dining Room, Young Room, Coffee Table,Complementary Productsreflects in product groups such as.

Having wide distribution channels, following the technological developments in the field day by day, having fast and high quality after-sales services are the factors that make our company different from other companies in the sector. Our company’s notification;


Vision: To produce “A KILIM” lovingly for every living space worldwide, in accordance with universal standards.

Mission:In line with customer expectations; To create a “Kilim family” that adds trust, quality and value to every living space, weaves the cultural richness of the geography we live in like Kilim with R&D original models and designs, is different, decisive, environmentally sensitive, respectful to the society, contributing to the country’s economy, and happy with its employees and consumers.

KILIM, one of Turkey’s oldest furniture manufacturer with a history of over 40 years and is Turkey’s brand.


Our story began in 1950 as two separate companies which were then united under a single brand, Öğretmen Çorap, in 1970. This was followed by the launch of our production facility in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul and the final phase of our branding process came in 1984 when Öğretmen Çorap was replaced with Penti.

Over the years, we continued our growth in production and retail activities, expanding our offering of legwear targeting women and girls with men’s socks, homewear & activewear, intimates and beachwear lines.

We currently have a total of 300 stores across Turkey, 106 stores in 29 different countries and have exports to 43 countries. The number of stores is continuously growing and being complemented by sales offices located in the United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine and Spain. We offer Penti to people from numerous nationalities on a vast geography, notably in the EU, Balkans, CIS and MENA.

These achievements and the growth rate has attracted the attention of foreign investors, resulting in a partnership in 2012 with Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest venture capital, marking yet another milestone towards our goal of creating a global Turkish brand.

Our objective now is to further strengthen our leadership position in the legwear market and achieve the same leadership in intimates and beachwear retailing.

We are the second largest manufacturer in Europe as well as the manufacturer of world’s several well-known brands.

DS Damat

Erkek giyiminin pazar lideri D’S Damat, 2002 yılında geniş kitlelere  kalite ve konforu sunmak üzere kuruldu.

Kumaş seçimleri, dikiş, kalıp ve tasarımları ile kendi ligini yaratmış olan D’S Damat koleksiyonları %100 yerli yüksek kalitede kumaşlar ile Türkiye’de üretiliyor.

Bünyesinde barındırdığı farklı alt koleksiyonlarla, klasikten moderne, kendi stilini yaratmak isteyen tüm erkeklerin gardıroplarına giren D’S Damat koleksiyonları, erkeklere fonksiyonelliğin yanında şıklık da kazandırıyor.

Kaliteyi ulaşılabilir fiyatlarla sunan D’S Damat, son yıllarda hızla büyüyerek Türkiye genelinde 128 noktada, dünyada 35 ülkede Türk ve yabancı erkeklerin giyim alışkanlıklarını değiştirmeye, en özel anlarına şahitlik etmeye devam ediyor.


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At Stamper, we combine high-capacity product know-how, vast supply network and 25
years of experience in the disposable products sector to offer our clients the right product, reliable service,
and industry-specific consultancy.

With sales offices, warehouse sites, and a supply and logistics force in Sweden and Turkey, we enjoy a
dominant organizational structure in the European and Middle Eastern markets.

We analyze the problems manufacturers face through our decades of experience, and provide a wide
range of supply solutions, from raw material to final product.

We also make a major contribution to the production potential of the sector with the paper molding and
packaging machines manufactured under the STAMPER brand.

* In case of need, we carry out R&D work to develop and manufacture custom-tailored machinery according
to the desired product and specifications.


Atiye Lacin

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Atiye Laçin

From the soil to the health, the birth of the unique taste Atiye LAÇİN, the entrepreneur, started the production of an extraordinary dessert of Mevlevi Houses, the Mevlevi Dessert, under the registered trademark of “ATİYE LAÇİN” in year 2004.

Its special recipe, the freshness of its natural constituents, the secret of the spices and herbs used, and the traditional preparation method constitute the secret of Mevlevi Dessert. It is a trademark accelerating in production through producing the products free of oil, flour, sugar, and gluten.

Laçin Desserts continues its successes and sets its objective as offering historic desserts to you with different tastes. It released the jams of forest fruits, namely guvem, mardafıl, and rosehip, which have been produced with molasses in her grandmother’s kitchen 85 years ago. Besides them, they also produce pumpkin, orange-carrot, quince jams, and the jams of other seasonal fruits.

LAÇİN DESSERTS produces healthy products free of starch-based sugar, additive, preservative, food coloring, gluten, and GMO. Moreover, by improving the ancient tastes with R&D works and enhancing the product range, it aims to create awareness. With the principle of protecting, vitalizing, sharing and sustaining, it continues constructing bridges and developing new products.