World17 Trade provides services for all e-commerce needs from factory to end customer. Thanks to experienced and effective logistics solutions, projects can easily become more profitable. Considering the latest increases in logistics costs, having an efficient solution for logistics have a huge effect on return on investments.

When it comes to e-commerce with the biggest companies on the market, one needs to know the whole process to keep projects profitable. World17 Trade provides services such as fulfillment, logistics solutions, barcoding, and preventing clients to forget a process in the whole job flow. Furthermore, we provide services about product research, estimation of how many units can be sold, inventory control, re-stocking, or setting alerts. We advise clients to comply with the standards of Amazon, Etsy, eBay, or Walmart so that it becomes a lot easier to hit page one. Keyword selection, listing materials, product photography, copywriting, and trademark services are also provided.

Fullfillment Services


Receiving is the first process of accepting and handling your shipment when it arrives at our warehouse in Toronto, Ontario. General Processing & Handling (External Inspection and first 30 days storage included) * For standard size & weight (up to 18″x14″x8″ and 20 lbs weight) : $0.35 / unit * For over size and weight (over 18″x14″x8″ size and 20 lbs weight) : $0.70 / unit * Glass Handling (per box) : $0.75 / piece * For pallets (up to 31″x47″x59″ size and 350 lbs weight) : $18.00 / pallet * For pallets (over 31″x47″x59″ size and 350 lbs weight) : $24.00 / pallet * 20 Foot Container : $200 / container * 40 Foot Container : $400 / container * 45 Foot Container $450 / container There is a $1.50 charge per SKU if there are more than 20 SKUs in one shipment. No hazmat product is allowed for fulfillment services


We offer Pick & Pack fulfillment service. Whether you are selling on Amazon, your own website or other online shops, you can use our warehousing service to store your products and we pick, prep and ship the order to be fulfilled. We work with Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, FedEx, USPS and therefore we help you choose the best shipping choice according to your requirements. We provide variety of options which suite your fulfillment (FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon or FBM- Fulfillment by Merchant) requirements. World17 Trade Center Fullfillment Table * Customer to provide own shipping & packing materials and pay postage/freights * For each item $0.50 will apply additional

* Minimum of $250 per month for services (excluded material costs)

* 30 days free storage after the date of your products arrive to our warehouse in Toronto. Thereafter our storage fees below will apply * For Special oversized products, please contact us * All above charges are in U.S. $


With 10000 square feet of warehouse, we can offer great service with unbelievable rates. You get 30 free days, which starts when the product arrives at our warehouse. Short Term Storage : $0.39 a Cubic Foot Per Month We offer all of our clients free storage for 30 days from the day the your shipment arrives at our warehouse. Following the 30 days we offer the Short Term Storage rate for inventory that will be stored from 1 month up to 6 months. * For pallets (up to 31″x47″x59″ size and 350 lbs weight) : $15.00 / pallet / month * For pallets (over 31″x47″x59″ size and 350 lbs weight) : $18.00 / pallet / month Long Term Storage : $1.00 a Cubic Foot Per Month If you desire to store your inventory at our warehouse for more than 6 months we offer the Long Term Storage rates. You can at any time send us a request to forward your Inventory to Amazon FBA. This is the rate that you will be charged once your inventory has been at our warehouse for more than 6 month. * For pallets (up to 31″x47″x59″ size and 350 lbs weight) : $18.00 / pallet / month * For pallets (over 31″x47″x59″ size and 350 lbs weight) : $24.00 / pallet / month


These are the base FBA prep services and pricing you would need to receive if you are selliing on Amazon. General Inspection Service (Quality Control) : $0.35/Item The general external package inspection of the boxes is included and the items when you get a base FBA prep service is free of charge. However sometimes products do not arrive as expected and detailed product inspection is required and if you need a more technical inspection such as inspection for scratches or broken pieces or if the service requires unpacking the products, there would be a fee. If a specific product inspection is needed we can offer a customized quote after your needs. Please contact us if you are unsure about this or you have any inquiry. Labeling All the e-commerce platform like Amazon, E-Bay have many rules and regulations regarding the condition of shipments and products that arrive at fulfillment. All units must have a “FNSKU” label and a “Made in “X” Country” label. If more than product is included under one FNSKU then it must have a “Do Not Separate’ label. Units that are lacking these labels could be discarded, sold as separate products or forced to be removed from Amazon FBA at your cost. Ensure that your shipment is FBA compliant and have either your supplier labeling your units or take a look at our services. FNSKU Labeling : $0.30 / unit FNSKU Labels are required to be visual on every product that is intended to be sold on Amazon. Amazon uses the FNSKU Label to identify a specific units of a ASN. If your supplier did not apply FNSKU labels before shipping your inventory, then this is a service you will need to add. If we receive your products in bulk, we unpack, repack every product into the package (re-box, Poly bag, Bobble wrap) which is specified by you, attach FNSKU label and send to Amazon according to your shipping plan.We provide this prep service at $.70 per item. This service is required when you are doing fulfilment by Amazon and not fulfilment by merchant. If we receive your products in bulk with FNSKU label or UPC label attached, we can still be at your service if your products already have FNSKU label or UPC label attached on them. Like our carton forwarding service, if you would like to have your different products sorted, repacked or to be sent out to different Amazon’s warehouses, we can do all of these for you. This service costs $0.40 per item Additional Labels : $0.20 / per label Amazon, E-Bay and other have many rules and restrictions in regards to how shipments and units are to be prepared before arriving at Amazon FBA. Make sure that your shipment is FBA compliant by adding all necessary labels. Warning for Suffocation Label Ready to Ship label Do not separate/This is a set label Made in “X” Country Label Customized labels(i.e. simple text / Expiration / best by / fraglie / sku / lot #)


To ensure that your products are being picked at Amazon and include all the units under the FNSKU they need to be placed inside a ploybag or bound together using tape. Amazon FBA does not recognize separate units as a bundle without the above supplies and a “Do not Separate Label” please refer to our labeling fees for the labeling service which will be added on each bundle. Bundling (Multipack or Bundle); You will have this FBA prep service when you would like to pack multiple products from different boxes into one package. In this service we will charge for the first 3 items at $1.10 and for additional items we have a small fee of $0.10. FNSKU label, Poly bag, “suffocation” label and “This is a Set” label are included in this service. For oversized bundles please reach out to our customer service team for a quote. Standard Poly Bag

Poly Bag (This service includes the Poly bag and FNSKU labelling) : $1.10/Item


For items to be packed in smaller boxes or to be bundled with other items.We will charge for this service at $2 per box Master Carton Re-boxing = $3.50/carton. Any cartons exceeding the FBA guideline of 50lb weight limit each carton, or longer than 25″ on any side needs to be re-boxed into an Amazon compliant carton Handling Shipping Cartons = $0.75/unit, Plastic/Clamshell packaging replacement = $1.00 unit Insert Placement = $0.15/unit (Large inserts requiring folding, inserts requiring specialized placement, or other ) Bobble wrap : Bobble wrap (cost of the service & materials ) : $0.50/Item Palletizing We provide this service if you require your products to be palletised after they are processed by us for FBA at $20 per palette(includes shrink wrap). The palette cost $12 per palette will be added to the service. Oversize/Heavy Boxes = $4.00 extra (over 50-pounds)


Amazon Forwarding entails shipping your Amazon Shipment from our warehouse in Montreal to Amazon FBA. Carton forwarding: This service comes very handy to you, when you want to send different products to different Amazon’s warehouses, where we receive your goods, sort them and send them to Amazon according to your plan. Please note that we do not unbox or carry out any other processes on your goods. We will charge for this service at $3 per carton We do not create the shipment in your Amazon Seller Central Account, we will provide you with the quantity, size and weight of your shipment and after you have created the shipment in your account, you will send us your shipping labels which we will then apply to your Amazon Shipment. ADDITIONAL SERVICES/FBA PREP SERVICE FOR AMAZON Photography: If you need a photograph of your product for your Amazon listing, we can provide you with this service. We take the main photo at $15 and additional photos at $10 each. Please refer to Amazon website Product Image Requirements page for more information on this subject.

Product description:

When you need to put a description of the product in the package for your customers in the box or a hang tag, we can do this for you. Please note that we charge a flat fee of $0.30 for insertion of the paper and the printing fee will be charged extra and it will depend on printing mode (black & white or color) and also the descriptions and the paper type you will provide.

Cost of Materials and Supplies

In addition to our prep services, there is a flat fee for the materials and supplies which may be required for your FBA prep services Small Box : $1.50/Box Medium Box : $2.50/Box Large Box : $3.20/Box Oversized Box (X-Large) : $4.80/Box Gaylord : $20.00 Small Bubble Wrap : $0.30/ft2 Large Bubble Wrap : $0.40/ft2 Extra Large Poly Bag : $0.20/Unit Palette : $12/Palette