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World17 Trade Center is an associate of World17 Group companies. World17 Group is a branding and investment consultancy company that has contributed to the international services of many companies since its establishment in 2015.

World17 Group is a Canadian-based branding and investment consultancy company. It includes 6 companies. These companies are;

  • World17 Education (Education consultancy),
  • Adworld17 (Digital Marketing),
  • Code17 (Software and Information Systems),
  • Babylon Translate (Sworn Translation and Localization Services),
  • World17 Tours (Tour company) and
  • World17 Trade Center (Import and Export).

Since its establishment in 2015, World17 Group companies have assisted in the international services of many companies. Over the years, it has not been limited to Canada and has established liaison offices in Singapore, England, and the United States in the global arena.

The World17 Trade Center was established as a newly established entity in 2021 utilizing the experience and expertise gained from World17 Group. Our purpose is to provide support and consultancy services for companies' overseas activities by providing solution partnerships for those importing or exporting to Canada and the United States.

Investing overseas and marketing your products there is very appealing, as is branding your products and selling them at their value. However, uncertain costs, different legal procedures, and unforeseen risks in the destination country can be very complex and frightening. World17 Trade Center, with its expert team and solution partners in the target country, provides the necessary infrastructure for marketing your product abroad by minimizing these risks. We assist you in every step of your business, such as logistics, storage, advertising, marketing, liaison offices, and human resources abroad.

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World17 Trade Center's primary objective is to market Turkish products abroad with a branding strategy for exports. World17 Trade Center has taken steps to establish long-term business relationships based on common interests by embracing the principles of transparency, and to ensure that Turkish products are better marketed abroad by breaking down the current negative perception in the international arena.


World17 Trade is an international trade company that has adopted the principle of increasing welfare of companies and countries in product groups in which countries are superior respectively, and was established for this purpose. By co-ooperating with over 30 companies under the umbrella of World17 Group, it contributes to do expansion of trade volume in 5 different countries and 7 different cities with its experienced team and effective connections in many countries where World17 Trade operates and provides solution from production to consumption at the intersection of the price-quality curve. In order to ensure the quality standards are met, World17 Trade oversees projects closely, and presenting the status in every stage with full transparency while assisting for flawless trade. World17 Trade works in principle, holding communication as a key. World17 Trade works with high volume and economies of scale in order to reduce marginal cost with its experienced team and powerful investors. In this manner, World17 Trade creates opportunities using these differences between countries and creates a structure that every shareholder benefits. World17 Trade, with its principles, aims to maximize the profitability of all parties in the all trade process.